I became a mom to my amazing son seven years ago. After becoming a mom I kept wondering what was wrong with me because I didn't know the answers to my million questions! I set up a mom group on FB to connect to friends old and new so that we could all ask each other "mom" questions and share our problems. My little group has now grown into over 38,000 members...I still can't believe it! After having my second child, a daughter, I felt so much more equipped to be a mom since I had such a large support group. I would love to share my family experiences, travel, advice and stories with all of you because after having two crazy kids, I have a lot to share!


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The Big Transition

I thought the biggest transition in my life would be going from Miss to Mrs....no way, that was just child's play....the biggest transition has been going from Miss to Ma'm.   Yeah, that's right, I said it!  Want to know why this is such a horrible transition?  Because it means I'm freakin old! My friend called me up a few weeks ago (pictured above) and said that I had to write a blog post about this topic because it affected her so deeply she couldn't stop asking people how they felt about it?  When is it that we go from Miss to Ma'm?  Now I am not talking about the polite southern thing where everyone is ma'm, I am talking about the northern thing where it means you look old enough to be m

Let's Hear it for the Boys!

This morning for Father's Day I will be giving my husband a card that says we don't need to win the lottery because we already did by having a husband and dad like you! I truly am so lucky to have a husband who is as wonderful as mine and he deserves to have a special day just for him. Happy Father's Day to all of the wonderful dads out there just like him! I would be remiss to talk about Father's Day without talking about my dad first. My dad was the dad my friends wanted to have in their lives when they didn't have one around. He was the dad that gave me roses every Valentine's Day, attended every game (and coached a bunch of my teams), taught just about every friend of mine to dive an


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