I became a mom to my amazing son seven years ago. After becoming a mom I kept wondering what was wrong with me because I didn't know the answers to my million questions! I set up a mom group on FB to connect to friends old and new so that we could all ask each other "mom" questions and share our problems. My little group has now grown into over 38,000 members...I still can't believe it! After having my second child, a daughter, I felt so much more equipped to be a mom since I had such a large support group. I would love to share my family experiences, travel, advice and stories with all of you because after having two crazy kids, I have a lot to share!


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Organic Learning

Now I have said this before but for those of you here for the first time I will say it again.  I am a teacher and a mom, which can be a blessing and a curse!  It means I should know everything to do with primary grades, since I teach one, but when it comes to working with my own children all of my knowledge goes out of the window! It cracks me up when I am working with my kids and they say, "You don't know how to do this!" or "How do you know?"  Well my little chickadees, I know this is hard to believe, but mommy has a Master's Degree in education and I just so happen to know a thing or two about what you are doing.  No matter what I say, all of my excuses fall on deaf ears....EVERY, SINGLE,

It Takes a Village

My grandfather used to tell me stories about being raised in Brooklyn, NY.  He was raised in an Italian neighborhood and you couldn't get away with ANYTHING!  Why, you ask?  Well that was because you either lived in a multi-family home with your extended family, lived in the same apartment building as your extended family, lived on the same street as your family or everyone in the neighborhood knew your family.  There was always a watchful eye over you! At some point, our grandparents and parents decided to move away from the city lifestyle and move to the burbs' where you didn't live as close to your extended family any more.  Families started to move away to different states and we became

Mabel's Labels

When I had to first return to work after staying home on maternity for nine months with my son one of the major things I worried about was having his stuff getting mixed up with the other kids' things at daycare (GERMS!!!!). Can you say Type A? I would see these posts in my Facebook group asking how moms labels things for their children? The #1 answer was Mabel's Labels. I have used these labels for years and the many uses for them continue to grow as my kids grow. At first I used them for bottles but now I use them for cups, notebooks, folders, jackets, sweater, clothes etc. They are my "go to" product for labeling and the best thing about them is that they NEVER come off! For all of my

4 Year Olds Yea or Nay?

I see them every year as a Kindergarten teacher, I can peg them on day one walking through the door....the dreaded 4 year old! There is nothing bad inherently about a 4 year old, it is a great age, it's just that they are typically not ready for Kindergarten (maturity wise) as the expectations become more demanding in our educational system. When I was pregnant with my first child, my due date was in the beginning of December. I prayed and prayed that he would not come before December 1st (NYS cut off for school) because I did not want to have to make the decision to send him as a four year old or hold him out. Well, my little man decided to come early and that was my first lesson as a mo

Mom Shamers are the Worst!

As the admin of a Facebook group of 38,000 moms I see the absolute best in people. I see women reaching out to form a support group for their fellow moms. I see women donating their formula, breast milk, clothes, toys and money to moms who are in need. I see moms who reach out to me because they are genuinely concerned for another mom and want to know how they are doing after a difficult situation. I see the best in humanity and this was the reason for me starting a support group for moms. On the other hand, some days, like today, I see the absolute worst in humanity. I see moms taking screen shots of other moms posts (taken out of context) in order to make their post go viral and push t

Parties, Birthday Parties!

If you are like me, you struggle every year coming up with something new and exciting to have as your child's theme for their birthday party. I live on Long Island and birthday parties cost an arm and a leg, so I try to do it on a budget, at home, as much as I can. Some of my best birthday parties came from Pinterest ideas.....they were winning and definitely not Pinterest fails! If you would like you can follow me on Pinterest at Leah's Mom2Mom and check out my board "Themes for Kids' Birthday Parties" to look at some of my inspiration. The following are some themes I have done over the years with my kids. I always ask them what they want and then we put our own spin on it. *When my so

Netflix and Obsess

Forget Netflix and chill, who is like me and will Netflix and obsess? I wrote another blog post about how we got rid of cable and instead are using Roku, Sling, Netflix, Amazon Firestick, Prime etc. Well this has created a real unhealthy habit for me....I will binge watch Netflix shows and then obsess over them! Why is it so addicting? Is is because you can watch every season of the show in a small amount of time? Is it because you become so enthralled in the show that you almost feel as if you are a part of it? Is it because you are a mom and sometimes it is a nice change to escape the monotony of everyday life and escape to some altered reality? It started when I binge watched 13 Reas


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