I became a mom to my amazing son seven years ago. After becoming a mom I kept wondering what was wrong with me because I didn't know the answers to my million questions! I set up a mom group on FB to connect to friends old and new so that we could all ask each other "mom" questions and share our problems. My little group has now grown into over 38,000 members...I still can't believe it! After having my second child, a daughter, I felt so much more equipped to be a mom since I had such a large support group. I would love to share my family experiences, travel, advice and stories with all of you because after having two crazy kids, I have a lot to share!


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Why my mom's advice didn't apply....

Becoming a mom is one of the most distinguishing events in a woman's life. For many woman, the first person we turn to as moms is our own mom. Questions come spilling out a mile a minute because to us being a mom is new; this is exciting, scary and overwhelming. So of course three years ago; when I had my daughter, I began to ask my mom for advice/ tips. And then I hit a hard reality that my mom's advice doesn't always apply to me.... The first time I realized this was when I asked my mom about breastfeeding, and how to tell your little one has had enough to eat. My mom looked at me blankly explaining that both my brother and I were formula fed so she has no idea. SHE HAS NO IDEA!!! This e

The Fairy Princess Mom Myth

Last week was one of those weeks. The types of weeks in which you feel overwhelmed which leads you to drop many of the balls moms juggle. Like most moms, I still needed to accomplish most of the things on my list. It may have been the perfect Indian summer type weather we were having or just needing to escape the house, but I found myself taking my 2 yr old to the park each day and that’s when it happened. I never thought it would happen. It may have been my upbringing or my Tri-State “no nonsense” attitude but I’ve always thought, “Screw everyone. I’m going to parent the way I want and not compare. What’s important is that my kids will be good people.” Well.. then I met HER. She may or may

She Came Along and Completed Us

After my first experience with getting pregnant I wanted to do things a different way. I didn't feel the need to rush getting pregnant so I did my research, talked to friends and went about getting pregnant the all natural way (well sort of!). I started taking natural supplements and bought an ovulation monitor where it would measure the level of hormones in my saliva every morning. I was determined that this time around I was not going to be that crazy hormonal woman that listened to every sound her body made, I was not going to make this a chore, it was going to be fun.....yeah right! What was I thinking?!?! I remember my son being a little over two years old and walking down the stair

Let's start from the beginning...

All of my life I have been told, "Be careful you might get pregnant!" or, "You don't want to get pregnant do you?" Well fast forward to my late 20's and I finally WANT to get pregnant. Want in the sense of I think I may try this but not want in the sense of I have to have this now. Then I heard the words, those crushing words, "You may have trouble getting pregnant," and my twinges of possibly wanting it turned into I HAVE TO HAVE THIS RIGHT NOW!!! That creeping thought kept running through my mind, "Why me? Why can all of those Teen Moms get pregnant and I can't?!?!" I hated myself for hating others who had what I wanted but that's just how it goes when you are in the throes of wantin

Why are moms so mad?

I thought becoming a mom was going to be the most wonderful time in my life... boy was I wrong! Having my children was the easy part...navigating the mommy wars was not! When I created my Facebook group I quickly learned that moms truly hate on each other. Whether it is posts about breast feeding, bottle feeding, immunizations, car seats....moms are just outright vicious to each other! Why all of the hate? Being a mom is hard enough without all of the hate! Why can't moms just support each other and congratulate each other on the fact that we are doing the hardest job of our lives every day by raising another human? Why not be the change in these endless wars? If you don't agree with


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