Stick With Me Sippy Cup Giveaway

As a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist, Alene D’Alesio, knows the importance of getting a child off the sippy cup at an early age. (Prolonged use of sippy cups filled with sugary drinks = cavities)!!!

Dr. D’Alesio’s top 3 dental tips for moms:

  1. Water is the best drink of choice (no juice or sweet drinks, not even watered down juice). The constant sugar all day long leaves the teeth more susceptible to cavities.

  2. Anything sticky is icky (If you are going to give your child candy-chocolate is better than taffy or lollipops-keeping in mind there is still plenty of sugar in chocolate and not to overdo it!)

  3. See a dentist by the age of 1 for first dental exam. Don’t worry if your child cries at this appointment-the child’s mouth will be wide open for the dentist to get a great look. The cleaning portion of this appointment is typically the shortest part. This appointment is a great time to discuss the child’s individual needs:

Bottle: Recommended to discontinue by the age of 1

Pacifier: Recommended to discontinue by the age of 1, but pacifiers are fine during first year of life.

Thumb Habit: Harder habit to break than a pacifier habit, because you can get rid of the pacifier, but you can’t get rid of the thumb! Offer the pacifier, if your see your infant constantly trying to suck their thumb

Sippy Cups: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends drinking from an open cup by 12-15 months old. This is hard to do without the spills. (This is where Stick With Me Stay Put Cup comes in!!!) If a sippy cup is only filled with water, it will not cause cavities and is typically not a dental concern.

As Alene and her husband, Jason, began to transition their kids off the sippy cups, they realized it was easier said than done. There were constant spills from the big kid cup which landed on either a computer, phone or homework! This is when they came up with the idea of Stick with Me Stay Put Cup! The D’Alesio’s have a Disney quote in their house that the 4 girls see every day: "If you can dream it, you can do it!" They are hoping that by seeing all the hard work and dedication their parents have with the with Stick With Me Cup, that their girls will always continue to DREAM BIG!!!!

We hope that Stick With Me Cup can be helpful to other families as they transition off the sippy cup. Other kids use it for crafts, paints, markers etc. It can even be used for adults! Whatever the use, we hope that Stick With Me Cup can help raise awareness on important oral health topics.

Oct 31, 2017: Utility patent for Stick With Me. Ironic that the dentist gets a patent on Halloween to help decrease cavities!

February 2018: Final tooling was approved for manufacturing.

March 2018: Tried out for Shark Tank (made it to the second round, but didn’t meet the Sharks, so if you know Mark Cuban-tell him about Stick With Me!) Our Shark Teeth Cup was specifically made for Shark Tank…just in case!!!

September 2018: Stick With Me became a Registered Trademark.

November 2018: 10,000…yes 10,000!!! Stick With Me Cups were delivered to their house to package and ship.

Present: Currently Stick With Me Cup is being sold at and Amazon.

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