The Big Transition

I thought the biggest transition in my life would be going from Miss to way, that was just child's play....the biggest transition has been going from Miss to Ma'm.   Yeah, that's right, I said it!  Want to know why this is such a horrible transition?  Because it means I'm freakin old!  

My friend called me up a few weeks ago (pictured above) and said that I had to write a blog post about this topic because it affected her so deeply she couldn't stop asking people how they felt about it?  When is it that we go from Miss to Ma'm?  Now I am not talking about the polite southern thing where everyone is ma'm, I am talking about the northern thing where it means you look old enough to be my mom or grandma so I will call you ma'm.

Is it after we have had a few kids and those sleepless nights have taken a toll on our bodies?  Is it after the stress of life has set in and we have more wrinkles and gray hairs to show for it?  Is it after those baby weight pounds have permanently taken up residence on our bodies and are now just extra padding on our mom bods?  Please explain this to me!

Why is it that when some teenager calls me miss I want to lean over the counter and plant a smooch right on them?  Why is it that when someone asks for my ID it makes my heart sing?  Why do these little victories mean so much to a 30 something year old mom like myself?

I think I started going from Miss to Ma'm just about a year or two ago....right after the hump of turning 35.  I noticed a change in the way I looked, I noticed that 11 in my forehead had become more pronounced, I noticed it when I transitioned from cute, young mom to flustered mid 30's mom.  I noticed it when the teenagers that check you out of stores could now be the age of my children had I had them in my early 20's.  

I know so many women wear these wrinkles, gray hairs and cellulite as a badge of honor for all they have been through in life....I'm not one of those!  I am still looking for a way to reclaim my youth.  I am still looking for a way to make the extra pounds disappear while trying to fit a minimal amount of exercising in to an already extremely busy life.  I am still covering up my gray hairs as my haircut/color appointments have gone from twice a year to 4 times a year (don't think I have noticed that one).  I am still contemplating getting Botox to fix that fun little 11 on my forehead.  I am not at the point yet where I feel like being ma'm is an ok thing for me.  When will I get there?  I am not sure but I sure as hell will let you know when I am.