Let's Hear it for the Boys!

This morning for Father's Day I will be giving my husband a card that says we don't need to win the lottery because we already did by having a husband and dad like you! I truly am so lucky to have a husband who is as wonderful as mine and he deserves to have a special day just for him. Happy Father's Day to all of the wonderful dads out there just like him!

I would be remiss to talk about Father's Day without talking about my dad first. My dad was the dad my friends wanted to have in their lives when they didn't have one around. He was the dad that gave me roses every Valentine's Day, attended every game (and coached a bunch of my teams), taught just about every friend of mine to dive and cannonball like a champ and made the best pancakes around! He was the dad who would rarely yell because he was extremely even tempered but when he did you high tailed it out of there because you know you did something wrong! He was the dad who was an equal partner to my mom and never pulled any of that male chauvinist crap. He taught me to be strong, work hard and pursue your dreams no matter what they were. I was lucky to grow up with a dad and more importantly I was lucky to grow up with my dad.

Having such a wonderful dad in my life I knew that when I found someone who I wanted to marry they not only had to be a wonderful husband, but an amazing dad as well. Listen I am not going to say our marriage is always sunshine and roses but it is work and it is good and we are both always willing to put in the work to make it good. What I can say is that I am a lottery winner when it comes to having an amazing father for my children. My husband works two jobs and still finds the time to coach multiple sports teams. My husband comes home after a long day and does the mulch until midnight because he wants our home to look good. My husband kisses all of the boo-boos I do, he takes the kids to the doctor as much as I do, he puts them to bed every night, he does homework when he is home at night, he plays with our kids, he teaches them to ride their bikes and swim and he is always there with me, side by side, as my partner. My children are so lucky to have am amazingly involved and supportive father, just like I did.

If you have a husband or partner in your life who is a wonderful father to your children, give them a shout out today. There are so many women who tear down the men in their lives who don't support them so why not build up the men in our lives who do support us? Without the foundation of a good family we cannot provide our kids with loving homes and help our children to thrive and succeed in life. So come on ladies let's hear it for the boys today.....Happy Father's Day Dads!