Summer Bucket List

If you are anything like me, you start your summer off with the best intentions. We start our summer with a BANG, doing everything we possible can those first few weeks, and then we start to fizzle out. Recently, I saw one of my friends had a "Summer Bucket List" on Facebook and I thought to myself, "What a great idea!" I'm sure you may have gained some insight as to my personality from my previous posts, but if not, I am Type A all the way! A summer bucket list will keep me on track for things we want to do as a family and also let us spread out different activities throughout the summer.

A summer bucket list does not have to be all expensive things to do....nobody has the money to keep up with that! A summer bucket list can include things like taking a nap in a hammock, making S'mores, or going to the ocean for a beach day. Each summer I have these grandiose plans and then when they don't happen I push them off until the next summer, and the next, and the next. This is my summer! I am going to make it my job to complete this bucket list!

I live on Long Island and there are so many wonderful things to do around here! Here are a few I plan on doing with my family this summer: visiting Lavendar By The Bay, visiting Shinnecock Inlet, going to Meschutt Beach to ride on the paddleboards and kayaks, going to a Yankee or Long Island Ducks game, going to visit Central Park, signing my kids up for the local library's Summer Reading Program, and taking a trip with our friends to Block Island. Our big ticket item this summer is going to Disney (there will be a future blog post all about that). Those are just the plans I have in my own head but I do plan on sitting down as a family so we can all have some input as to the items we would like to have on our bucket list.

If you need some great ideas you can follow over to my Pinterest board where I have pinned some Summer Bucket List ideas....don't reinvent the wheel, be smart and take ideas that other people have come up with. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. What are some things you plan on doing with your family this summer that you would like to add to a summer bucket list?