I Am So Connected, I Am Disconnected

Sometimes I take a step back, take a good hard look at myself, and I think, "Gosh who have I become?" I know that being a blogger, running an Instagram account and being an admin. to a Facebook group requires me to be constantly connected to social media but have I become so connected that I am disconnected?

Any spare moment that I have, I am constantly checking all of my social media outlets, I am thinking of my next great blog idea, I am taking care of issues that come up in my group (which happens a lot), I am fielding the constant barrage of questions from people. I do all of this but to what expense? I can't say that I am living in the moment anymore because my moments are escaping me as my mind and attention are pulled elsewhere. I can't say I am fully involved in conversations anymore because if I feel my phone buzz I know it is something I have to do or take care of and then I am lost not knowing what the heck I was just talking about? I know I am not being the best mom to my children because sometimes I will hear myself give my children some rote response when I am in the middle of something and I think, "Wait did I just say that?"

I know that as a society we have all become increasingly dependent on social media but where does it stop? It is how friends connect with each other, teachers connect to their students and parents, how businesses reach out to potential clients to gain more sales, how doctors connect to patients and celebrities connect to their fans. Grandparents and great grandparents are now tied to their smart phones and social media outlets too....what has this world come to? It is just getting out of hand! I will go out to a store and see people frantically typing on their phones and look at them with disgust, yet I am that person too! I see friends going out to dinner and sitting around a table where every single person is checking their phones....aren't you with the people you chose to be with for a reason? I see moms at the park who are not even paying attention to their children because they are face deep in their phones. I am not judging.....I have been there too but I swear I try not to be!

We are all so caught up in freezing the best moments in time and making them #Instaworthy, yet are we living those moments ourselves? We are so busy making it out to seem like we are the best versions of ourselves yet we are becoming the complete opposite. How do we break this cycle?

I know I have tried, I will say to myself, "Ok put down the phone. You only have ten more minutes before you need to break away and go to bed." Then I will check the clock and it's 45 minutes later! Your brain needs more, wants more, craves more! It deprives you of your sleep because the faint light of your phone does more harm than good for your sleep cycles. You pick up your phone on commercial breaks because even though you have DVR'd a show you let the commercials run just to check social media. (Maybe that's just me?) You don't want to miss out on a moment through social media that everyone will be talking about later. You can't tear yourself away....does this sound like an addiction yet?

These past two weeks I have been making a conscious decision to try to step away for a bit and just enjoy life. I have been trying to live more through moments each day rather than trying to live for the "likes." I try and I try and that is the best that I can do. I run through it in my mind, I say step away, it isn't urgent, it doesn't need your attention right now. I start to not think or obsess about it as much and just when I think I am making some headway my damn blog reminds me to get back to work because I haven't written a blog post in however many days. Ah social media you are one sneaky little b**** always trying to draw me back in....well played, well played!