Mabel's Labels

When I had to first return to work after staying home on maternity for nine months with my son one of the major things I worried about was having his stuff getting mixed up with the other kids' things at daycare (GERMS!!!!). Can you say Type A? I would see these posts in my Facebook group asking how moms labels things for their children? The #1 answer was Mabel's Labels.

I have used these labels for years and the many uses for them continue to grow as my kids grow. At first I used them for bottles but now I use them for cups, notebooks, folders, jackets, sweater, clothes etc. They are my "go to" product for labeling and the best thing about them is that they NEVER come off!

For all of my allergy mamas, they have special labels for all of your child's allergy needs. I can only imagine how frightening it is to send your baby off in to the world with an allergy so perhaps these labels can give you some peace of mind that everything is labeled?

What I love most about these labels is that you can customize them and they come in varying shapes and sizes. Perfect for all of your labeling needs!

I decided to become an affiliate of Mabel's Lables in order to provide discounts for all of my mamas who are a part of the Leah's Mom2Mom community. From 4/17-4/30 you can use the code LM2M2018 and get a 15% off discount on your entire order. Go now and stock up for school next year just like I did!