Netflix and Obsess

Forget Netflix and chill, who is like me and will Netflix and obsess? I wrote another blog post about how we got rid of cable and instead are using Roku, Sling, Netflix, Amazon Firestick, Prime etc. Well this has created a real unhealthy habit for me....I will binge watch Netflix shows and then obsess over them!

Why is it so addicting? Is is because you can watch every season of the show in a small amount of time? Is it because you become so enthralled in the show that you almost feel as if you are a part of it? Is it because you are a mom and sometimes it is a nice change to escape the monotony of everyday life and escape to some altered reality?

It started when I binge watched 13 Reasons Why, Mindhunters, then Godless, and now my obsession amped up to full charge after watching Peaky Blinders. After I watch a show I have to Google search the actors, find out when the next season is coming out, who they are married to in real life? Ah, Cillian Murphy, why have I not loved you before watching Peaky Blinders? I know he was always such a creep in other things he did but now I know everything about him on Google and I may just have to dump my husband to marry Thomas Shelby. I am only partially kidding and my husband knows it!

Is this just me? Am I going crazy or do any of your Netflix and obsess? If you do, comment with some other shows I can binge watch as once a show is over I become almost depressed before finding a new one. Someone find me a new one fast!