Princess Mom, Right Here!

I always try to be inclusive of everyone's thoughts and ideas and to try to see their point of view, but there is one type of mom I just don't get. I just do not understand the, "I won't allow my daughter to like princesses," type of mom. Honestly, what is that?!?!?

It isn't like I have heard this once, or twice, but a bunch of times from moms. They don't want to get their daughters princess stuff, they don't believe in letting their daughters "buy in" to the "Fairy Tale" part of it. I get it, the whole Women's Rights, "No woman needs a man," thing but people have gone so far as to tell me there is no such thing as a princess! Um....hello Princess Kate!

Not once did I ever force my daughter in to liking princesses. She could have picked anything she wanted to but one day her princess obsession started and it hasn't stopped yet. I remember loving princesses when I was a child and thinking one day my prince would come...guess what? He did! Does that mean that I am not an independent woman? Hell to the no! If you ask anyone who knows me that is probably one of my defining traits. Just because I loved princesses it didn't mean I rely on my husband to be my sole provider, it doesn't mean that I didn't go to school and work my butt off to have multiple degrees, I earned my Fairy tale life but I do wish the part about the live in help came true!

Please if you are a non-princess mom explain to me why it is so important for your daughter to steer clear of them? What do you do when your child becomes obsessed with them, as most do? I would love to hear the other side of this.

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