Oils and My Maniac

I am just going to go on record here and say I am a teacher, a kindergarten teacher to boot, and I have a maniac for a daughter. People may look at me and say, "Wow she teaches other peoples' kids?" when they see my child....yes, yes I do! My husband and I have laid the ground rules, stuck to a routine, and been consistent and steady (just as we did with our first who is a rule follower) but still we have this little maniac. When people meet her they fall in love instantly because she is charismatic, funny and full of sass but she is T-O-U-G-H! She is strong willed, hard headed and determined. I know these things will take her far in life one day, but today, well today, she is just tough.

She was having a lot of trouble following directions in school and try as we might to give her a pep talk every morning, it just wasn't working. Finally, I asked her teacher to put her on a behavior chart and as a Hail Mary I dug a blend of essential oils out of the drawer called A+ Attention. Well wouldn't you know that after using it for a week (and getting every sticker on her chart for a few days in a row) her teachers asked what it was that I was doing differently? Literally the only change was the oils.....the freaking oils!!!! I wish I would have started this months ago! Her teachers have been telling me how she has been so calm and mellow and they can't believe the difference!

Long story short, if you have a little maniac like I do, giving essential oils might be worth a try for you too. You just may see a huge change in your child. Or, if you just want to try essential oils in general, they have so many benefits and uses. Here is a little sample kit that is on sale at Amazon right now as well as the link for the A+ Attention I used on my daughter. (Affiliate link)