Christmas Came Early

Is anyone even thinking about Christmas right now? Well if you are, or if you are just on the hunt for a good deal, here are some going on at Amazon right now:

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The obsession of every child I know!

We go through construction paper like crazy in my house.

I feel like my kids get sidewalk chalk every year in the Easter basket because who doesn't want to get out in the nice weather and draw?

Look at these open box deals....they may have something you need!

For busy moms if this is in your area it is so worth it!

Tray Buddi....made by one of our very own moms in the group!

Stacking cups for baby discounted from $8.72 down to $3.99

This came in very handy for my son who is an early riser.

My kids all time favorite toothbrush when they were babies!

This was a staple in our car for years between my two kids and it lasted through both of them.

Science kit marked down from $23.99 to $10.65.

For the moms who can't make it to the post office but need stamps for their birthday invites, thank you's, announcements and Christmas cards.

We used to call this magic water in my house.

This was literally a life saver when my kids are teething and I would not use anything else.

My husband and I sleep with one and so do our kids....this was our go to sound machine for traveling.

These were recommended to me by the OT in my school and they are great for fine motor skills.

Who doesn't love this classic?

Speaking of sleep here are some great deals on swaddles!

Life saver when my son was having issues sleeping!

Dress up happens on the daily in our house.

Marked down from $35.99 to $22.99.

My son is OBSESSED with Legos. Marked down from $16.99 to $13.59. BONUS it comes in it's own case so you don't have to step on them!