Why I Dumped Cable

You would think this was a major, life changing decision, the decision to dump cable and start fresh with a streaming device, but when all was said and done it really wasn't! I am going to preface this post by saying that my father is an engineer so if I got anything from him it is my ability to research everything to the point of exhaustion. This is why I researched all of my options when it came down to getting rid of cable and what was best for us.

My husband and I had many discussions about what we should do about cable but in the end the decision made itself. We realized that our kids were constantly on their iPads watching whatever crappy YouTube channels they wanted to (hello FGTeev) and we were constantly watching things on the DVR. Was this really worth the $230 we were paying for cable? I called the cable company and tried to get my bill lowered many times but I was at the lowest they said I could be at so I finally cut the cord. The only thing that was important to my husband was live sports (especially football) and the only two things that were important to me were BRAVO and HGTV. We decided to go with Sling for streaming live TV but we also have the Amazon Firestick (looking to upgrade to the Amazon Fire TV), Netflix and Prime. With all of these options we really don't miss anything! We see every show and movie we want and we binge watch Netflix shows like crazy now. Oh and the bonus.....we are saving $100 a month! What is better than that? So if you are on the fence about this....which I hear people talk about all the time....my advice is go for it and never look back. Your wallet will thank you!

As an Amazon affiliate I would love to let you know that they are now running a deal where their Amazon Fire TV is $20 off and their Fire TV Stick is $10 off. I may just pick one up myself cause you know I love a good deal!