I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Ok moms please tell me I am not the only one here but I have great friends....like really amazing, uplifting, supportive friends!  I watch these shows like "The Real Housewives" (um, they don't seem to have real lives to me but that is besides the point) and such and these women are just plain mean and cruel to each other!  I know, I know it makes for good TV but this truly has to be somewhat in their personalities for them to be like that.  The gossiping about one another, the way they want to take each other down and tear each other apart.....what gives?

I have been lucky enough to have had my best friend since birth (practically).  We lived across the street from each other growing up and we are the sisters each other never had.  We went from preschool through college together and still, to this day, live a few minutes apart and are fully involved in each other's lives. 

I have another best friend since middle school, who even with a crazy job as a financial advisor where she works ungodly hours, we make the time to stay in touch and meet up when our schedules allow. I have friends from high school and college who I don't see as often but still like to go out with once in a while and it is like nothing has changed.  I have my husband's best friend's wife who has now become my best friend and work friends who are amazing and became more like a work family.  

More recently I have made  "mom" friends who live in my neighborhood, whose kids go to school with mine and I truly, honestly, think we have just as much fun on a play date as the kids do. 

I don't see these women in my circle who belittle people, bully them and rage against their friends.  Honestly, I think if I saw any woman like that I would steer clear and not want to be friends with a person like that.  I see these threads on my "mom" page on Facebook where people say their friends steal from them, mooch off of them and use them for just about anything they can get.  I want to shake these girls and say, "Honey, this is not a friend!"  So back to my original question do you all have real friends in your life? Friends who you can go to through thick and thin with or are your friendships made for TV?