She Came Along and Completed Us

After my first experience with getting pregnant I wanted to do things a different way. I didn't feel the need to rush getting pregnant so I did my research, talked to friends and went about getting pregnant the all natural way (well sort of!). I started taking natural supplements and bought an ovulation monitor where it would measure the level of hormones in my saliva every morning. I was determined that this time around I was not going to be that crazy hormonal woman that listened to every sound her body made, I was not going to make this a chore, it was going to be fun.....yeah right! What was I thinking?!?!

I remember my son being a little over two years old and walking down the stairs in our new home, holding my son's hand, and thinking do I really want to get pregnant right now? My son was at such a great age and I finally felt as if I wasn't a zombie anymore because I was consistently sleeping through the night. Then my son went into the hospital. This wasn't anything catastrophic but he spent two nights in the hospital in which my husband and I switched shifts at night. The day we were driving home from the hospital, dead tired, I turned to my husband and said, "Ugh, I am ovulating, you wanna try?" To which he said, "Sure! Why not?" Like any man would turn that down! As un-romantic as that was, that was how we conceived my daughter.

Right after I found out I was pregnant my son decided he would no longer sleep in his crib, he would not sleep on a mattress on the floor, he would not sleep at all, anymore, for that matter. Those were fun times! He was up every two hours at night like a newborn and I thought to myself, "What the hell? Why would I inflict this torture on myself again?" being pregnant and all. This pregnancy was different and it should have warned me about the tornado that was about to come our way! No longer could I come home from working full time and put my feet up because I was now chasing a toddler around. No longer could I sit when I felt tired because a two year old doesn't understand mommy is tired because she is growing a human. We finally got my son to sleep at night and the rest of the pregnancy went off without a hitch.

My daughter arrived, four days late, when she got an eviction notice from myself and the doctor. She was big and as my doctor put it, "She is cooked!" She was an amazing baby, slept 3-5 hours right off the bat when she came home from the hospital and was so easy going besides a bout with reflux and dairy intolerance. We thought we hit the baby lotto.....until she hit 1! At 1 some sort of switch flipped in my darling daughter and she became the crazy, dare-devil maniac that we have grown to love today. This child is a force of nature, she is that child that walks into a room and everyone knows her name, adults and children alike. She is funny, she is wild, she is sweet and she is sassy! She keep us on our toes all day, every day, and being cute saves her on a daily basis. Before having her my husband and I briefly considered having a third but after our daughter we knew our family was complete (I don't think there was another choice as she demands all the attention, all the time). People ask me all the do you know? I can't explain it, you just know! I can't see anyone else joining our ranks as we are a pretty tight crew in my house. We are all different, some of us are crazier than others (insert Miss M's name here) but we are all the equal parts to our whole. My family may not be big, but what is lacks in size it makes up for in love and craziness!