Why are moms so mad?

I thought becoming a mom was going to be the most wonderful time in my life... boy was I wrong! Having my children was the easy part...navigating the mommy wars was not! When I created my Facebook group I quickly learned that moms truly hate on each other. Whether it is posts about breast feeding, bottle feeding, immunizations, car seats....moms are just outright vicious to each other! Why all of the hate? Being a mom is hard enough without all of the hate! Why can't moms just support each other and congratulate each other on the fact that we are doing the hardest job of our lives every day by raising another human? Why not be the change in these endless wars? If you don't agree with someone either respectfully disagree with their opinion or walk away from the conversation...it's not hard. We should all learn to spread more love because that is what we want our children to do after all, isn't it?